Nos danses :

Nous enseignons au goût du jour, soit les danses les plus populaires ainsi que les nouveautés.

12 ounces world/nov/13 Last night/avril 15 
3,2,1, for two/nov/17 Law low too/nov/13 
70 wishes for 2/nov/13 Leavin'Sayin'goodbye/mars/15 
- A - Haut Legends/mars/18 
A dime of dozen-avril/12 Lennerockers stroll/mars/14 
A friend indeed/oct/13 Let me be there/Oct/18 
A little bit lit/oct/17 Let's dance/oct/11/fév/12 
A little boogie woogie/oct/12 Life of the party/mars/16 
A love worth waiting 4 partners/déc/12 Lightd go down/fev/18 
achy breaky dance for 2/mars/sept17/ Lights on the hill/fév/14 
Afterglow/jan/18Oct/18 Like coca cola in Hollywood/oct/15 
Ain't no angel/nov/18 Little miss Hayley Jo/sept/18 
Ain't nothin you can do/mars/16 Little rock/sept/12 
Ain't that lonely yet/avril/17 LLH shuffle/jan/17 
All aboard/avril/12/nov/14 Loads of trouble/fév/16 
Always a winner/avril/12 Locking for a girl/avril/12 
Amanda/jan/15 Lonely drum/oct/17 
Amazing beautiful/oct/12 Lonely for 2/sept/18 
An absolute dream/oct/16 Lonesome 7-jan/12 
Angel & alcohol/jan/16 Lonesome swing/nov/15 
angel fot the night/oct/14 Lord help me/nov/14 
Angel in blue jeans/jan/19 Lost in a feeling/avr/14 
Another ex in Mexico/fév/17 Louisiana Blues/nov/16 
Any other way/mars/13 Love to boogie/déc/16 
Arijaze swing/juin/12 Lovers please come back/oct/18 
- B - Haut Love's gonna make it/avril/12 
Babu blue for 2/oct/14 Lying eyes for 2/oct/12 
Baby cowboy cha cha/jan/12/nov/16Oct/18  - M - Haut 
Baby don't go/oct/12/avril/16 M.O.V.E./déc/16 
Baby, I'm right /fév/16 Made of gold for 2/jan/14 
back again/mars/10/OCT/12 Magic in the moonlight/oct/17 
Back burner/sept/15 Make a start/oct/13 
Back to back/nov/12 Malta sky--mars/12 
Back to Memphis/mars/15 mambo rock/nov/11/13/1518 
Bad guy/fév/13 Maybe I did/Mars/19 
Balck Betty's wordwidw/nov/16 Maybe sometime/mars/16 
Bandera/jan/14 Meet me down in Corpus/avril/13 
Be mine/nov/17 Memory & drinks/oct/16 
Be my girl/avril/13 Mexican cutie/fév/15 
Beautiful day/avril/13 Mexican-x-press-jan/13 
Better times/jan/14 MFC/déc/13 
Between us/avril/13 Mile shy of Paradise/nov/15 
Biding time/avril/16 Miny Moe/déc/12 
Big big love for 2/avril/14 Ms.Marianne/jan/18 
Big time/mars/14 Mustang/oct/15 
Bill’s boogie---fév.2010/sept 2012/nov 14/ My blue angel/fév/15 
Billy can't read/avril/14 My Gypsy queen/oct/16 
Billy dance--mars/2012/Jan/14/avril 16/  - N - Haut 
Billy Paul /jan/12 New Mexico cha cha/oct/14 
Blue chips/nov/15 No comprendre/fév/12 
Blue roses-oct/13/oct/15/déc/16Mars/19 No news/avril/18 
Blurry lines---oct/13/jan/15 No reason for going home/jan/12 
Boogie woogie baby Jill/mars/12 No trash in my trailer/sept/18 
Boots & Diamonts/mars/14  - O - Haut 
Born to be blue/mars/13 Oh!Mary/déc/14 
Borracho/sept/16 Old fashionned song/sept/12/avril/16 
Boy & girl thing/mars/16 Old Soldiers/oct/12 
Bright side of the moon/mars/12 Older & Grayer/oct/17 
Bring down the house/fév/16 OL'lonesome/mars/12 
Bringing me down/fév.17 On a mission/jan/17 
Broken heart/mars/16 One & one & one/mars/14 
Broon sauce/mars/13 One night of love/jan/13 
Buck dance/nov/12 Oughtta be blue/jan/15 
buck wild stomp/nov/17 Our world/avril/18 
Bucket seat/mars/15 out in the cold/nov/14 
- C - Haut Out of our minds/fév/16 
California girl/mars/17 Overnight success/mars/17 
Call the preacher/jan/12  - P - Haut 
Canadian carousel/mars/12 Party crowed/nov/15 
Champagne promise/Oct/18Nov/18 Polka à deux/sept/2016 
Chasing down a good time/fév/17 Pontoon for 2/sept/12 
Cheap cologne/jan/17 Pop-a-top/fév/13 
Cheyenne's rock/jan/17 Postpone the pain/mars/17 
Chip and chair/jan/18 Power to love/jan/12 
Chiquita/fév/15 Priscilla/mars/15 
Clap your hand and stamp your feet/jan/18  - R - Haut 
Coco cowboy---sept.2013 Raised on love/déc/14 
Colarado girl/oct/12 Real good song/jan/12 
Cold cold heart for 2/avril/12 Red hot salsa/fév/12 
Come early morning/fév/12 Ride with me/nov/17 
Country all the way/avril/12 Ridin the rodeo/sept/12 
Country in my heart/nov/15 Rings/avril/18 
Country jam shuffle/nov/15 Road house rock/jan/19 
Country mgirl shake/jan/12 Rock and roll kiss/mars/16 
Country music/oct/15 Rock together/avril/15 
Country musin in Texas/avril/15 Roll on Mississipi/nov.18 
Country/sep/17 Rosa del mar/jan/17 
Cowboy are king/mars/19  - S - Haut 
Cowboy cha cha/sept/17 Say hello Diane/oct.2013 
Cowboy girl/oct/17 Sea shells/mars/12 
Coyote cha cha /jan/12 Searching for sanctuary/jan/13 
Crocodile roll/mars/15 Seminole/nov/15/mars/18/Jan/19 
cruising backroad/nov/16 Seven spanish angel/nov/13 
Cryin'eyes/sept12 Shake your boots/avril/18 
Crying my heart/mars/12/oct/12/sept/14 Shakin' mix/oct/12 
Cucaracha/oct/15/nov/17 Shame on me/fév/13 
- D - Haut She's Lonely/mars/18 
D.A.Y./sept/18 Sidekick/fév/15 
Dances with wolves/fev/16 Sink or swim---sep. 2013 
Dancing in the moonlight/avril/14 Sissi's dance/oct/13 
Dancing machine/nov/15 Sixteen step/fév./17Oct/18 
Danse à Fred/nov/12 Slow me down/14 dept/14 
Darlin'mambo/nov/12 Slow rain/fév/14 
Day of the dead/Oct/18 Slow roll it/Jan/19 
Days aren't long enough/oct/17 Some days/mars/17 
Del Rio darling/Oct/18 Some town somewhere/oct/17 
Desirable/mars/18nov/18 Somebody to blame/oct/12 
Devil dance/nov/18 Somebody's mama-mars/12 
Devil woman/mars/13 Someone like you/avril 16 
Diamonds make babies/jan/13 Something fine/nov/12 
Dim light/sept/13 South of the border/fév/13 
Dirty cowboy cha cha/sept.15/oct 16/nov/18 Southern California/oct/12 
Don't break this heart/fév/13 Star over for two/nov/17 
Don't we wrong/oct/17 Starlight/nov/12 
Don't worry be country/oct/15 Stealing the best/avril/17 
Double heather/jan/13 Steve the hawk/mai/12 
Down by the river/mars/13 Stick & stone/mars/11 
Dream in my eyes/oct/16 Stop crying---sept/13 
Drowning man/Mars/19 Stop staring at my eyes/fév./17 
Drunk lover/nov/14 Straight-to -hell-o/jan/19 
Dust/nov/17 Strut and stuff / jan/11 
- E - Haut Such a love/jan/15 
Easy burning/fév/12 Sunbean/nov/14 
Easy country west/jan/14 Sunburn/jan/18 
Easy money/avril/16 Sunny side swing/fév/16 
Eatin right, drinkin bad--sept.2013 Sweet caballero/sept/11 
El Camino-sept.2013 Sweet delight/fév.12 
El Pistolero----sept 2013 Sweet like cola/oct/11 
Electric slide/oct/13/sept/16 Sweet Maureen/fév/14 
Éloise/oct/12 Sweet revenge/avril/14 
- E - Haut Sweet Sangria/oct/15 
Everytime I cry/nov/14 Sweet senorita/avril/12 
Exit simple/Oct/18 Sweetheart scottisch--sept/11/jan/14nov/14 
- F - Haut Swingin'doors/jan/14 
Fall in love/avril/14 Swinging thing/oct/11 
Fallin'/jan/15 Swingning summer/déc/11 
Feel lucky tonight/mars/12 Swiss country/sept/13 
Feelings/avril/13  - T - Haut 
Fiddlin'cowboy/oct/16 T.L.C.---mars 2010 
First prize cowboy/nov/13 Take me home/mars/17 
Fool for lesser things/jan/18 Take these chains/nov/14 
Foolin'around/12 sept/15 Tears I cry/oct/16 
For neige for two/jan/13 Temptation cha/avril/15 
Ford boogie/nov/12 Tennesse waltz surprise----mars 2010 
Funny stranger/mars/13 Texas sunshine/avril 16 
- G - Haut Texas tears/fév./12/oct/17 
Get it drink/oct/16 Texas time for 2/Oct/18 
Getcha reckon/fév/13 Texas time/Oct/18 
Girl a cowboy hat/fév/18 Texas two step/mars/11 
Give me one kiss/fév/16 Thanks a lot/nov/14 
Go seven/avril/12 The Black Longhorn/fév/17 
Going down the mountain/jan/13 The Fifth/sept/15 
Good time girl/14 sept/14 The galway gathering/sept. 15 
Good times Charley's/fév/13 The gambler--oct. 2010 
Good times/18 sept/16 The light went out/avril/12 
Guys like me/avril/14 The picnic polka/nov/17 
- H - Haut The Rivers/jan/14 
Half a cha/Oct/18 The shadow/sept/15/fév/16 
Half and twice/oct/14 The shooter/jan/13/avril/14/jan/16 
hANDS UP AND LIVE YOUR LIFE/avr/14 The sway/oct/14 
Hank J swing/nov/12 Things/nov/17 
Happy hour/fév/17 This could be the one/sept/14 
Happy/jan/18 This old raft/fév/15 
Head over boots/avril/16 Till I gain control again/nov/14 
Heartache & honky tonk/fév/12 Time will tell/jan/16 
Heartland/oct/18 Today/jan/18 
Heaven Knows/sept/14 Too bad/sept/2016 
Hello heart/jan/16/mars/17/oct/17 Travelling gypsie/mars/14OCT/14 
Here's to you/mars/15 Trouble/Sixteen step/nov/14/sept/15 
Hey Porter/sept/17 Try this on/sept/12 
Hidden things/fév/13 Tryin get to you/nov/13 
High hopes/déc/2013 tulsa time/mars 16 
Hip to be square/sept/18 Tush push/mars/17 
Homegrown honky tonk/fév/15 Two steppin'/Fév/19 
Homesick/Oct/18  - U - Haut 
Honky tonk baby/sept/17 Until good gets here/fév/17 
Honky tonk Halloween/oct/15 Until the dawn/jan/16oct/16 
Hookin'up for 2/mars/18 Up/Jan/19 
Hot N'easy/mars/17 Urban cowboy/nov/10/nov/11/oct/12/mars/14 
Hot sexy mama/avril/13  - V - Haut 
Hotel angel/oct/12 Valse--fév/12nov/15/Fév/19 
Hotel keys/Oct/18  - W - Haut 
How could I/avril/16 Waggle dance/sept/18 
Hung up on you/mars/12 Watermelon crowl/fév/12 
Hurting all over/oct/14 We could be lovers/sept12 
- I - Haut We danced on/jan/13 
I can't be myself/jan/17 We saw the light/nov/15 
I said I loved you/jan/18 We wanna boogie/nov/15 
I saw Linda yesterday/fev.12 Were all cowboys/jan/19 
I swear/oct/16 What a shame/oct/17 
I will be yours/fév/18 What I've been needin'/nov/12 
If it gets me/oct/13 When tomorrow never comes---fév. 2010 
If was love/jan/16 When you come around/sept/15 
I'm a Tornado/sept/15 Which one is to blame/mars/15 
I'm coming home/jan/16 Whiskey bridge/avril/18/sept/18 
Imagine that/nov/17 Whiskey kisses/oct/12 
In my arms again/sept/14 Whiskey wiggle/déc/14 
Into your arms/oct/15/0ct/16 Whispering your name/nov/12 
Invisible/oct/13 Whitout of view/jan/19 
Invitation stroll/14 sept/14 Why don't you/nov/16 
Irrésistibles/avril/13 Why not tonight/avril/18 
Is it love/sept/12 Why should we try anymore/sept/2016 
Is it true/jan/13 Wild night in Mexico-oct/14 
- J - Haut Wreckling ball/avril/17 
Jack Daniels/avril/13  - Y - Haut 
Jailhouse creole/fév/16 You and I /jan/14 
Just can't wait/avril/15 You and me/jan/15 
Just for a day/nov/16 You don't talk/nov/12 
Just like old times/jan/14 You never know/avril/16 
Just want you to dance/jan/14 You walked in---sept.2013 
- K - Haut  
Keep moving/oct/13  
Kiss me quick/oct/14  
- L - Haut  
Lamtara rhumba/sept/14